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In September 2021, InGauge Energy was contracted to perform a review of drilling and intervention operations, engineering planning and subsurface assessment practices and make recommendations to assist with cost reduction through improved efficiencies. Other considerations included developing an integrated plan such that contracting, well design, and interventions could assist in improved efficiencies and capture cost savings in 2022 and beyond.

inGauge was appointed to provide services to assist the client in a broad range of subsurface and well engineering consulting requirements. A technical health check was requested to identify gaps in current Geothermal practices, systems and processes when compared with Oil and Gas systems, practices and processes including the following areas in the project life cycle;

  • Subsurface appraisal
  • Engineering
  • Operations execution
  • Procurement Strategy

The aim of the review was to identify potential areas for a significant target unit cost reduction. The review was conducted to highlight project efficiency and cost reduction initiatives in the short, medium and long term to deliver the cost reduction target.

inGauge utilised a multidisciplinary inhouse team to conduct the review and is working with the operator in an ongoing partnership. The future collaboration will further analyse current practices whilst assisting with the implementation of initiatives to increase efficiency and drive down operational cost.

This is another example of a client taking advantage of our large team of in-house specialists, as we work across a diverse portfolio of projects, inGauge has the ability to deploy resources on an as required basis.

Project Kindy

Project Kindy

inGauge is pleased to parter with Project Kindy, a small charity working with children in Africa.  inGauge provided funding for a well to be drilled to provide fresh water for a kindergarten and also to its associated village community.

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