This year inGauge was invited back by Galilee Energy to design and drill their 2019 development wells as part of the continued development of their Glenaras Gas Project.  As those involved will remember, the 2018 campaign was the first attempt to deliver a lateral program in the R3 seam.  One which proved pretty challenging and resulted in some hole collapse and lost geosteering BHA events.  This year the team re-engineered the wells from the methodology for landing the 8 ½” hole section, setting and cementing the 7” production casing and methodology and design for geosteering the lateral sections.  We’re pleased to announce that the hard work has paid off, as today marks the completion of the third and final well (Glenaras 16L) in the 3 well lateral program, with the three wells being delivered safely, on schedule and on budget.   The three new wells (Glenaras  14L, 15L & 16L) now combine with the previous 2 laterals to form a shielded 5-well pilot for enhanced drawdown of the reservoir.

See the complimentary Galilee ASX announcement on the completion of the drilling campaign here.