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Complete well design and engineering services including:

  • Well concept through to execution planning and design
  • Well design reviews and risk management
  • Drilling performance optimisation
  • Offset well analysis
  • Time and cost estimation
  • Well verification and integrity assessment.

With licensed proprietary Well Engineering software and experienced well engineers on staff; we offer a complete Well Engineering design team in-house.

We have completed projects for our clients that include:

  • Drilling & completion program development
  • ERD feasibility studies
  • Casing design studies
  • Concept select and well design studies
  • Reviews of existing engineering designs and independent third party reviews 

Whatever your design needs, inGauge is ready to assist.

We have extensive directional drilling and geo-steering experience including in the fields of directional planning, wellbore surveying and intersection technology in challenging environments.


  • Well integrity assessments (individual well or field-wide)
  • Remediation planning and program execution
  • Development of well integrity management systems (WIMS).

inGauge has extensive experience in the field of well integrity assessment and well integrity management. 

Supported by in-house specialist well integrity expertise, we have delivered projects including:

  • Provision of individual well integrity plans
  • Management of a state-wide well integrity review on behalf of a state government regulatory body
  • Desktop integrity reviews
  • Physical well inspections
  • Well remediation.

inGauge can assist, whether you need help in assessing and resolving an integrity issue or managing a large remediation or integrity management program.


  • Well examination schemes
  • Compliance plans against local regulations and acts
  • Well engineering and well delivery management systems.

By assisting our clients to navigate the changing regulatory landscape we have ensured that they have the right systems and procedures in place.

We have worked with a number of our clients to deliver projects which include;

  • Development of compliant Well Examination Schemes for operators
  • Well Control systems and Well Control readiness reviews
  • Development of Well Engineering Management Systems
  • Code of practise verification reports.

inGauge can assist, whether you need help in reviewing and updating standards, systems and compliance or developing management systems from scratch.


  • Dispute resolution
  • Reports to the courts
  • Expert witness reports and expert appraisal.

inGauge is building a reputation for providing sound and reliable judgement in respect of drilling related disputes and claims.

We have acted as experts on behalf of insurers, operators and contractors in the areas of;

  • Contractual dispute resolution
  • Technical analysis
  • Advice to the court.

The highest level of credentials coupled with extensive industry experience allows inGauge Energy to assess situations and provide credible support in the capacity of Expert Witness or Technical Expert.



  • Field development plan reviews
  • Well cost estimating
  • Legacy asset remediation assessments.

inGauge can provide technical support to parties during M&A activities.

With up-to-date drilling and completions contracting and well construction experience we can help oil and gas companies by;

  • Assessing veracity of the costs in the budget
  • Advising on the potential exposure posed by legacy wells in the field
  • Assisting with the determination of future development costs and risks.

Whether you are purchasing assets to operate or farming in as a joint venture partner, inGauge Energy can assist you in understanding the current liabilities and expected future costs associated with the field.



  • HAZOP & risk assessment workshops
  • HSE management system development
  • Audit and pre-qualification assessment systems.

inGauge has assisted our clients with all aspects their HSE management.

We have completed projects for various clients, including;

  • Conducted revisions to existing documentation
  • Facilitated HAZOP and Risk Assessment workshops
  • Delivery of an entire EHS Management System on behalf of a new entrant seeking to achieve pre-qualification with large operators in Australia.

We can bring to bear both the collected knowledge of our principal engineers who have years of drilling management experience with large operators including Shell, Santos and Woodside and dedicated HSE experts with current compliance and systems expertise.


We pride ourselves on safety, cost effectiveness, increases in efficiency and consistency of service.